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Random from Art by Mel

Shard by Sky-The-Echidna Shard :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 55 9 MegaMan by Sky-The-Echidna MegaMan :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 42 12 'Pirate Plunder Panic' Project Entry- Blaze by Sky-The-Echidna 'Pirate Plunder Panic' Project Entry- Blaze :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 123 50 Sky's Seductive Charms by Sky-The-Echidna Sky's Seductive Charms :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 54 20 Sky's Seductive Charms (W.I.P) by Sky-The-Echidna Sky's Seductive Charms (W.I.P) :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 8 2 Sky/Sora- Two Souls, One Ultimate Lifeform by Sky-The-Echidna Sky/Sora- Two Souls, One Ultimate Lifeform :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 47 17 Love Blurs Around The Sky by Sky-The-Echidna Love Blurs Around The Sky :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 65 9 Gift: Todstar's Christmas Surprise by Sky-The-Echidna Gift: Todstar's Christmas Surprise :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 43 20 Sonic X Sky- My Christmas Cracker by Sky-The-Echidna Sonic X Sky- My Christmas Cracker :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 85 46 Sonic X Sky- Long Awaited Return by Sky-The-Echidna Sonic X Sky- Long Awaited Return :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 95 20 Sonic X Sky- Halloween Special- Fatal Attraction by Sky-The-Echidna
Mature content
Sonic X Sky- Halloween Special- Fatal Attraction :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 56 37
Sky And Dash by Sky-The-Echidna Sky And Dash :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 74 17 Sky, The Femme Fatale by Sky-The-Echidna Sky, The Femme Fatale :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 55 24 My_Sonic_Comic Page 135 by Sky-The-Echidna My_Sonic_Comic Page 135 :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 30 3 Lady Guinevere- Her Story (W.I.P.) by Sky-The-Echidna Lady Guinevere- Her Story (W.I.P.) :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 50 21 Encounter With Mephiles- Cover by Sky-The-Echidna Encounter With Mephiles- Cover :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 55 22
This section is purely for pics and comics made by my girlfriend Sky-The-Echidna.

You can also see PLENTY more pics that she's done in her gallery. And I reckon you'll love what you find (I'm not just saying that cause I'm her boyfriend, mind you)!


Chaos on Mobius - Main Story

The main series of COM can also be found on FanFiction.Net (but no music or notes)

Episode Guide
Click here for the SideSagas

Saga 1 - In the Beginning of Chaos
Chaos On Mobius competition entry- Series  1 Cover by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by :iconsky-the-echidna:
Ep1Ch1 Enter Team Sonic! (Script Version)
Ep2Ch2 Sally's First Mission
Ep3Ch3 The Gizoid's Rebirth
Ep4Ch4 TodStar's Vision - Battle on Angel Island Pt1
Ep5Ch5 Eggman's Chaotix - Battle on Angel Island Pt2
Ep6Ch6 'Crazy' Chaos Knuckles! - Battle on Angel Island Final Part
Ep7Ch7 Super Sonic Search
Ep8Ch8 Secrets and Lies
Ep9Ch9 Family Matters
Ep10Ch10 Flying to Knothole and Back... - Robot Rampage Pt1
Ep11Ch11 Shut Up Royal Faker! - Robot Rampage Pt2
Ep12Ch12 Corruption Killed the Friendship - Robot Rampage Pt3
Ep13Ch13 'Damsels' in 'Distress' - Robot Rampage Pt4
Ep14Ch14 Legends Blurred and Torn - Robot Rampage Final Part
Ep15Ch15 A Mobian Christmas Pt1
Ep16Ch16 Enter the Knights of Mercia! - A Mobian Christmas Pt2
Ep17Ch17 The Egg Grinch - A Mobian Christmas Final Part
Ep18Ch18 Battle of the Bands
Ep19Ch19 Ultimate Power has Arrived - Enerjak's Reign Pt1
Ep20Ch20 Brother vs. Brother - Enerjak's Reign Pt2
Ep21Ch21 ...and a Super Sonic is Born - Enerjak's Reign Final Part
Status: Complete!

Saga 2 - The EX Sol Saga
COM 2nd Saga Cover II by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by :iconsky-the-echidna:
Ep22Ch1 Coping with Change Pt1
Ep23Ch2 Extreme Egg-Nonsense! - Coping with Change Pt2
Ep24Ch3 Iblis' Molten Debut! - Coping with Change Final Part
Ep25Ch4 Nega Sol
Ep26Ch5 The EX World Grand Prix Begins!
Ep27Ch6 Babylonians All-Over
Ep28Ch7 The Three Echidnamigos Say Chao
Ep29Ch8 Stuck Between Chao and Windy Flames
Ep30Ch9 Board Brawl
Ep31Ch10 Pachacamac's Decsent
Ep32Ch11 Fire Meets Water
Ep33Ch12 Back to the Present Pt1
Ep34Ch13 Sister vs. Sister - Back to the Present Pt2
Ep35Ch14 Sol Heist
Ep36Ch15 Birds and Bunnie
Ep37Ch16 Station Square Street Fight!
Ep38Ch17 Station Square Street Race Pt1
Ep39Ch18 Station Square Street Race Pt2
Ep40Ch19 Iblis Spills the Sparks
Ep41Ch20 Flaming Snowstorm
Ep42Ch21 The Haunted Semi-Finals Pt1
Ep43Ch22 The Haunted Semi-Finals Pt2
Ep44Ch23 Confessions of a Teenage Time-Traveller
Ep45Ch24 Battle for Her Burning Sol
Ep46Ch25 EX World Grand Prix's Final Round! Pt1
Ep47Ch26 EX World Grand Prix's Final Round! Pt2
Ep48Ch27 The Nega Empire Strikes Back! Pt1
Ep49Ch28 The Colours Feel So Right - The Nega Empire Strikes Back Pt2
Ep50Ch29 The Nocturnus Babylonians
Status: Complete!

Saga 3 - The Black Armed Nocturnus
Commish: Todflosion by NextGrandcross Cover Art by :iconnextgrandcross:
Ep51Ch1 Welcome to Planet Wisp
Ep52Ch2 The Sword's Seal
Ep53Ch3 I Cici a Cat!
Ep54Ch4 The Reunion Downunda
Ep55Ch5 Wisp-Fiesta
Ep56Ch6 Egg Zpace Khaos
Ep57Ch7 The Lies Inside
Ep58Ch8 The Trading Ruins
Ep59Ch9 Chaotic Stardom
Ep60Ch10 Big Trouble on Little Planet Pt1
Ep61Ch11 Big Trouble on Little Planet Pt2
Ep62Ch12 Big Trouble on Little Planet Pt3
Ep63Ch13 Two Sonics, No Waiting
Ep64Ch14 Time and Space Troubles
Ep65Ch15 Sonic the Black Arm
Ep66Ch16 Reveal the Knight of the Wind!
Ep67Ch17 A Mobian Reunion Pt1
Ep68Ch18 A Robotnik Reborn - A Mobian Reunion Pt2
Ep69Ch19 The Shade of Julie-Su - A Mobian Reunion Pt3
Ep70Ch20 Hedge-Squirrel Fight!
Ep71Ch21 Kongo Chaotix
Ep72Ch22 Treasures of the Nocturnus
Ep73Ch23 The Black Armed Nocturnus Pt1
Ep74Ch24 The Black Armed Nocturnus Pt2
Ep75Ch25 Mental Metal Madness!
Ep76Ch26 A Shade of Lies, with the Truth of Khan
Ep77Ch27 Some Snowy Secrets
Ep78Ch28 White-Cold Battle!
Ep79Ch29 The Lost City of Atlantinopolis
Ep80Ch30 The Lily of a Rose
Ep81Ch31 Koopa Klash!
Ep82Ch32 Re-enter the Black Arms
Ep83Ch33 Alien Family
Ep84Ch34 Black Blurred Ballet
Ep85Ch35 The Shadow of Jewels
Ep86Ch36 Chaos and Emeralds
Ep87Ch37 Black Vengance
Ep88Ch38 Father vs. Son
Ep89Ch39 The Star Carnival
Status: Complete!

Saga 4 - The Solaris Merger
Sonic '06 rewrite
Com-Todflosion by NinjaHaku21 Cover Art by :iconninjahaku21:
Ep90Ch1 The Ruined World of the Future
Ep91Ch2 How to Douse the Flames of Disaster
Ep92Ch3 A Princess in Peril
Ep93Ch4 Temporal Warriors
Ep94Ch5 The Shadow of Mephiles
Ep95Ch6 Welcome to the Future
Ep96Ch7 The Fate of Shadow and Sally
Ep97Ch8 Egg-Locomotion
Ep98Ch9 Student vs. Teacher
Ep99Ch10 The Sealing of Mephiles and Iblis
Ep100Ch11 Circumstances Have Changed
Ep101Ch12 The Temporal Hedgehogs
Ep102Ch13 Saving the Princess
Ep103Ch14 The Birth of Solaris
Ep104Ch15 Saving All of Time
Ep105Ch16 Time for a Break
Status: Complete!

BONUS Comic! Script by me, and art by Sky-The-Echidna
C.O.M- The Solaris Merger Comic- Page 01 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M- The Solaris Merger Comic- Page 02 by Sky-The-Echidna
C.O.M- The Solaris Merger Comic- Page 03 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M- The Solaris Merger Comic- Page 04 by Sky-The-Echidna

Saga 5 - The Flashforward Saga
C.O.M. 5th Saga- FlashForward Saga by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by :iconsky-the-echidna:
Ep106Ch1 Race to the Future
Ep107Ch2 A Guardian's Path
Ep108Ch3 What Matters is Family
Ep109Ch4 Forming Team Generations Pt1
Ep110Ch5 Forming Team Generations Pt2
Ep111Ch6 Forming Team Generations Pt3
Ep112Ch7 The Great Calamity
Ep113Ch8 Mercian Vengance
Ep114Ch9 A Rose's Witchcraft
Ep115Ch10 The Return of Enerjak Pt1
Ep116Ch11 The Return of Enerjak Pt2
Ep117Ch12 The Return of Enerjak Pt3
Ep118 - Epilogue Back in Time
Status: Complete!

Saga 6 - The Mucho Grande Egg-cellent Saga
Sonic - Chaos on Mobius 6th Saga cover by Sonicguru Cover Art by :iconsonicguru::iconsailorsilverstar:
Ep119Ch1 An Invite from the Eggman
Ep120Ch2 The Source of Sally's Fate
Ep121Ch3 Nicole Into Dreams
Ep122Ch4 An Egg-Ceptionally Well Kept Secret
Ep123Ch5 Wrestling with the Luchador
Ep124Ch6 Enter the Death Egg
Ep125Ch7 The Shame of the Blue Blur
Ep126Ch8 Emerald Hunt Pt1
Ep127Ch9 Emerald Hunt Pt2
Ep128Ch10 Emerald Hunt Pt3
Ep129Ch11 Emerald Hunt Pt4
Ep130Ch12 Emerald Hunt Pt5
Ep131Ch13 Emerald Hunt Pt6
Ep132Ch14 Emerald Hunt Pt7
Ep133Ch15 Overlanders are Overrated Pt1
Ep134Ch16 Overlanders are Overrated Pt2
Ep135Ch17 Overlanders are Overrated Pt3
Status: Complete!

Saga 7 - Operation Humanity
C.O.M. Saga 7 - Operation: Humanity by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by :iconsky-the-echidna:
Act 1: Abandonment
Ep136Ch1 Creators and Creations
Ep137Ch2 Mega Madness - Part One-Icus
Ep138Ch3 Mega Madness - Part Two-Icus
Ep139Ch4 Lost in Darkness, Suffering Chaos
Ep140Ch5 The Angelic Turnabout Pt1
Ep141Ch6 The Angelic Turnabout Pt2
Ep142Ch7 The Angelic Turnabout Pt3
Ep143Ch8 The Angelic Turnabout Pt4
Ep144Ch9 Fear, Anger & Sadness...
Status: Act 2 being written...

...and PLENTY more still to come!!


TheTodStar's Profile Picture
Todd C Bate
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
:heart: TodSky4EVER :heart:
TodSky - Mii and Mel by TheTodStar Looking Back on June 2017 by TheTodStar
Proud gamer stamp by iUndeadPixels Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 Star Wars by madeofneon
Here's the lowdown on me:
BBBE Stamp by LightningChaos2010 SUPER SONIC STYLE! by Super-Hedgehog Archie Sally Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoons Sally x Sonic Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoons Shadow the Hedgehog. by ingart15
I'm an Australian gamer (mostly Nintendo and Sonic) who is currently writing an ongoing Sonic fanfic series known as Chaos on Mobius. Though I'm also working on Mega Man X and Star Fox fanfics, respectively known as Maverick Buster & Wars of Lylat.
Mario Kart 8 - Mario by LittleYoshi8 Princess Daisy Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Princess Rosalina Stamp by Twinky-05 Waluigi Number One Stamp by MxRobotnik SHUT YOUR MOUTH! - Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by Dry-Rowseroopa
I'm also a high-school drop-out who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (also known as Autism Spectral Disorder). For those who don't know, Asperger's is a form of autism, just not as bad as you usually see. I just hope it doesn't run in the family, in case I ever decide to have kids...
Brawl Stamp 15 by Frobie-Mangaka Krystal Stamp by pyrohmstr Star Fox stamp by angelasamshi
While my username (which is also my main character's name) is spelt with one D, my real name is spelt with TWO D's. Please remember that when you're talking to me...
Mario Kart 8 - Donkey Kong by LittleYoshi8 Party Diddy Stamp by Lady-Zephyrine Dixie Kong stamp by Lady-Zephyrine
And one more thing: I HATE getting tagged, so puh-lease don't tag me!
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I am reachable through Facebook (see link below)
YouTube Channel (for Mario Kart 8 highlights & Smash Bros videos):…
If you want my e-mail address, send me a Note.
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11. Corrin (Female)
12. Shulk
13. Ike
14. Peach
15. Meta Knight
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16. Charizard
17. Link
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19. Robin (Female)
20. Pikachu
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21. Bowser Jr
22. Wario
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26. Diddy Kong
27. Cloud
28. Donkey Kong
29. Bayonetta
30. Pac-Man
Super Smash Players by Kyllian

Current Residence: Australia... The Downunda of the distant past.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, comedy and video game music
Favourite style of art: Comics, I s'pose...
MP3 player of choice: iPod. 'Nuff said.
Shell of choice: Koopa shell. Solid as a rock!
Wallpaper of choice: Anything to do with Nintendo, Sonic or Mega Man!
Skin of choice: Personally, I'd prefer quills!
Favourite cartoon character: Don't know anymore...
Personal Quote: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."


You may have seen Sal-Spider before, but this is the look she had before getting the yellow-and-blue hooded suit... well drawn by my very talented girlfriend Sky-The-Echidna

BTW, I have some news about that pilot I mentioned... it’s now a 4-Part arc! I’ve already written Part 1, but nobody’s gonna see it until I’ve written the other three...

I hope you’re excited to read about Sal-Spider, cause I’m excited to be writing this story!
Sal-Spider, The Rookie
Another wonderful idea by my handsome, clever boyfriend, TheTodStar, and the first picture of 2018! ;)
Hope everyone had a good Christmas! I’m too hot to go into what I got this year (apart from being busy with Pokkén Tournament DX for the Switch), but there is something I would like to mention: Some of you may know that I’m working on an alternate universe fanfic... well, I’m writing the pilot as we speak, and it’s starring the web-slinging chipmunk pictured below! I don’t know when I’ll post it, but it’ll be before my birthday, I know that much!

So I hope you can get excited for Sal-Spider!
This is a picture that Todd came up with in a recent dream he had... 
...because living in Australia, we need the rain... and we especially need the cooler weather on Christmas. So fingers crossed the weather forecast is spot on for the 25th...

Putting that aside, I wanted to give an update on things, after reading Mel's that can be read here:
The weather's been heating up, it's driving me crazy... and I'm trying to find ways to keep cool, which is not easy when you have no air conditioning (even though the house was advertised with having it).

On the plus side however, I saw The Last Jedi last week... and it was AWESOME!! I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Force is strong with Disney! Would've been eventually, now that Disney owns Fox! Now I'm certainly excited for Episode IX, as well as the new trilogy coming afterwards!

On the fanfic side of things, I'm very slowly making progress with COM's Operation Humanity... but Breath of the Wild has been eating up a lot of my time, and I don't have any of that game's DLC yet! I've also decided that once I've finished Acts 2 & 3 of Operation Humanity, I'm gonna focus on finally finishing the first seasons of both Maverick Buster (Mega Man X) & Wars of Lylat (Star Fox)... let's be honest, they've been on the backburner for too long.

And now that I've checked what I've just written, I hope everyone who reads this has a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

What are the odds of Nintendo porting Smash Bros for Wii U (& 3DS) to the Switch? 

13 deviants said With all the other Wii U games on or coming to the Switch, they'd have to be crazy to not do it!
5 deviants said Why not a brand new Smash Bros for the Switch?
2 deviants said I dunno about this year, but I do see it happening...
No deviants said Really? At this rate, why not just offer us a refund for the Wii U?!


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